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Fundraising for Jessops Special baby care unit at Jessops hospital sheffield


Hello My name is Mark Steven Larden I am 22 Years old from Killamarsh North East Derbyshire, Me and my Partner Janet Marie Redfern aged 19 have set up this page in Loving Memory of our Beloved Son Kieran Joel Redfern-Larden who was born on the 3rd of September and sadly went to play with the Angels in Heaven on the 28th September.

The Money we raise goes Towards helping The special Care baby unit at Jessops Sheffield where the Baby’s receive first class care I can't praise the unit and it's staff highly enough the Nurses that looked after Kieran throughout the time that he was in the unit were Brilliant they did everything for my little lad Kieran and they were so caring and Compassionate and it made our time on the unit a lot easier, they helped me and my partner Janet a lot it meant a lot too us that they helped us through such a difficult time after we had just lost Kieran’s twin Brother Joel, we was so upset we just didn't no what to do but with there wonderful help and support it helped me Personally through the Darkest hours of my life they helped me see that I had to be strong for my partner Janet and my little lad Kieran and it breaks my heart to say it that Kieran has gone to play with all the other little Angels but Now I have to be strong for Janet and my eldest son Leon who is 18 months old he smiles for Kieran & Joel swell now and every time I see Leon smile it will remind me off my two special sons Kieran & Joel but I know they will be smiling down on there Mummy & Daddy.

The Doctors at the Special care baby unit have been Fantastic as well they was always there when we needed them or when we needed to ask questions or if we needed someone to talk too I can't praise the doctors highly enough that looked after Kieran they was first class, Me and Janet will always be grateful for the care and Attention that they gave to my son they did everything they could to look after my boy and tried there best to save his life and if anyone in life Deserves a really good Living then it's the Doctors and the Nurses at the unit Me and Janet will be Looking to support this Great charity for the Rest of our lives in the Name of our Beloved son Kieran who we love with all our heart and will miss dearly for the Rest of our lives.

We can't think of more deserving people to help raise money for than all the Nurses & doctors at the Jessops special care baby unit me and my partner Janet felt very privileged to know such wonderful people even if it was for only nearly 4 weeks me and Janet want to help raise money in memory of our little lad Kieran and to give something back in Appreciation for everything that they did for Kieran.

I would just like to say our little boys Kieran & Joel are an Inspiration to us both and we are Immensely proud of them both they give us the courage and spirit to fight on and do positive things in our lives for not just ourselves but for other people as well.

Our lives have been turned upside down this past month and a lot of things have been put into perspective especially the way we look at life before we seemed to take life for granted, but I think we are all guilty of that at some point in our lives aren't we, as long as you have your health and your family and friends around you nothing else matters in my eyes.

These next pieces of writing are from our Tribute Page that we set up in Loving Memory of our Little Angels we could think of no better Tribute to My little than that we hope they like it we love our little stars Joel & Kieran who are in Heaven god bless there little souls.

Kieran And Joel’s very proud Daddy from Killamarsh North Derbyshire relation: Father

I am here in tears Writing this Message but I don't mind as you are my little Twin Boys you mean the world to me and it hurts so much that I will never get to see you both again but what daddy will do in memory of you Both is Raise as much money as Possible for Sands charity to help other parents going through the same as me and your mummy and the Jessops Special care baby unit in Sheffield to Help raise money for Equipment and staff Training to Help the sick and premature baby’s there.

You are both little stars you are both so special words cannot describe how much I love you both you have gave me so much strength and courage and thinking about you both it gives me the strength and Desire to carry on with my life and to Help other people in there Times of need.

Joel my dear son although I didn't get to see you for very long I will always remember you it hurt me so much when you passed away it was like someone had tore me heart out I am so proud of you son words can't describe what you mean tome because you are so special I can't believe your not here with me when you passed away I just sat there holding you in my arm crying tears of pride and sadness at the same time I was so proud to have you in my arms but sad that you wasn't there in person with us but I know you was there in spirit my special boy I longed for you to give me a sign that you would just wake up any second I kept praying that you would but sadly my little boy you didn't wake up and that was the most heartbreaking time of my life I will never forget you Joel you have a special place in my heart and mind forever.

Good Night son sweet dreams and God bless your soul may you rest in peace with your brother Kieran till we meet again one day.

Kieran my dear son I am so proud of you the way you fought against the blood clot in your head it is Inspirational you are a very special little boy just like your brother Joel The first day I saw you and your Brother Joel I fell in love with you both I just wanted to hold you close to my chest and give you a great big cuddle Kieran I will forever miss you the pain will never go away I can't get my head round that you are in Heaven now I miss you so much I just keep thinking to my self I want to go back to Jessops and See you son but I know you are not there in your tiny little incubator anymore.

The day I first saw you open your eyes and hold my hand and then grip my finger was the proudest moment in my life along with the birth of you Leon and Joel that Memory will stay with me forever and ever my other memories off you will remain forever ever with me too like the time I held you close on my chest and you was tucked down inside my shirt I felt so proud to be cuddling you like that the memories of me sitting by your side holding your little tiny hands will stay with my throughout my life.

I remember the first time I heard you make a sound when they took you off the ventilator it was so cute your little cry was so cute it made me have tears in my eyes.

There was so many cherished moments that I have of us both together in the 25 days that you was with me and I will never forget you Kieran you mean the world to me and always will do, I would rather have you and Joel back than anything in the world because you are both Amazing and I will always love you Kieran , and Joel my precious boys.

Night night sleep tight both of you sweet dreams my precious little boys you are both in my hearts and will be in my mind every second of every day.

Twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are.







Mummy relation: Mummy

Kieran and Joel, I’m sat here in tears listening to your song twinkle twinkle little star. I wish i could hold you and be with you. I need you both here with me I miss you both so much. I love you so much my precious angels. Mummy will never forget you and I will always think of you both.

I look up to the stars every night and say 'I love you' I hope you can both hear me.

You are both my shining little stars, I’d do anything to cuddle you again and be close to you.

I miss you both so much and I will love you both forever.

Sending big hugs and kisses up to you both.

Night night angels.

Sleep tight.

Love always and forever,


Our love and thoughts to you all xx 3rd Oct 2007

David and Tina (Kieran & Joel’s family) from Birmingham relation: uncle and aunty

Mark and Janet, I am sat here with your uncle David after watching and reading such wonderful tributes from so many people, some strangers who have never ever met you. Tears are rolling down my face with memories of seeing Kieran in the incubator and remembering how tiny he looked, but what a fighter he was. When the phone call arrived to say he had joined his brother Joel in heaven we were devastated for you all - words cannot express how you must be feeling - but this sight is such a wonderful comfort and to hear that you are both doing so much to keep Kieran and Joel's memories alive - its wonderful. You are both blessed with kindness and thoughtfulness and we are so proud in what you are doing. God Bless to you both and to Leon. Uncle Dave and Tina xxxxxxxxx#

If you would like to Visit our Tribute page in Memory of our little Lads Please go to.


Thanks for visiting my fundraising page and donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to donate: Sheffield Hospitals Charitable Trust will receive your money electronically and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in Gift Aid will be added to your donation at no cost to you.

Many thanks for your support.

Mark Steven Larden



If You would like to Donate Kindly again you can donate via my Justgiving page by Logging onto www.Justgiving.com/markstevenlarden1




Bladesmad V Owlsmad Charity Match

I have Organised an 11 a side Charity Football match which is being held at Sheffield Uniteds Academy Training complex on Sunday the 17th August from 2pm to Raise money & Awareness for Sands Stillbirth & Neo Natal Death Society & Jessops special Care baby unit.

If you would like to Donate to either Charity or both you can by logging onto

[url="http://www.Justgiving.com.markstevenlarden"]www.Justgiving.com.markstevenlarden[/url] (SANDS)


It would be great to see as many people up at the Academy as possible Cheering me & the rest of the Lads on,the more money we raise for these two causes the better.

The money we raise will be split in half between SANDS Stillbirth & Neo Natal Death Society & Jessops Special Care Unit.

I hope to Raise £500+ out of this Event and with your Help i can Achieve that Target.

Facebook Group for the match


If you would like to help me Advertise the match you can by sending the Bladesmad v owlsmad charity match poster to people that you know.

Thanks for your support

Mark Steven Larden



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