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The g sumner burglier.

Did I ever tell you about the time in the summer, just after Lady P was burgled, we got burgled. Yes, whilst enjoying my Net-weather asbo, on one of the hottest, if not the hottest day in July? I left the kitchen window wide open, and it's about 1 foot deep. During the hotist day, when it reached about 36C outside and a disgusting 30C indoors, I changed the aquarium water 3 times that day (not completely) trying to keep it cooler (they are normally about 24C, the fish and shrimp). Anyway, tha

On the road.

Right, this isn't working. I'm off back to Wales - I miss the elements, space, wind turbines, solar panels, hearing the wind rushing through the trees before it arrives, the sudden brightening of 12V dc lights, trying to get rid of unwanted energy in a wind, trying to conserve it in a lull, I could go on and on. Besides, 12 - 240v inverters have come down in price a hell of a lot. Oh, and I can't afford to stand up here.


We used to love each other so much I suppose, though how would I know. Cold, lettuce storage how can you say that woops now look what's happened.

Maths Problem

I've just started to make some progress on a painting I've been meaning to do for ages. The painting is something like a mobile (the sort that hangs off a ceiling, and flaps about a bit in a breeze), with circles hanging from threads, like this dodgy sketch. The circles are to be thought of as 3d spheres and the idea is whether or not the eye can see if they balance out correctly (or not). I suspect not if it's subtle enough, but nevermind, who cares. Already I've reached the first stu
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