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The week the Arctic High took control

As a strong storm came through at the weekend it also introduced an arctic high with bitterly cold temperatures.

This week we have not got above -25oC and night time has been around -32oC.

Tonight the temperature has really taken a tumble and at 11:20pm tonight its currently -37oC. The record low here is -42oC set in Dec 2008. Will we break it? I guess we will know in 12 hours.

What does it feel like? Imagine opening the freezer and that feeling of cold air for a second...that's every hour of every day outside. Cars need to be plugged in to prevent freezing, heating is going 24/7 and simple things like popping from the car to the shops takes an effort.

Houses are warm, work is warm, cars, eventually, get warm but outside activity stops. Its an unforgiving lifestyle in the Canadian arctic environment.

Light is at the end of the tunnel though....-5oC by next Monday? Shorts will be the order of the day then.

Stay warm!




I love Canadian Winters

Just sitting here on a Friday night, nice glass of red in hand and a snowfall warning has been issued for up to 6 inches of snow by this time tomorrow.

I've lived here 8 years now, originally born and raised in Kent, and its the certainty of snow in the winter that just makes me smile. Although the fun of will it/wont it snow in England was good there's nothing like getting a snowstorm knowing its not going to be marginal as temperatures are going to drop to minus 20oC. The joys of being connected to the arctic by land.

Anyway that's enough of my smug ramblings and if you want to see if the snow hits here check out 7 webcams in town here in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.





Preparing for Winter

As I sit here typing, looking at the amazing, snow capped Canadian Rocky Mountains, the sun is streaming through the window, another day of blue skies, warm breezes and temperatures in the mid teens. Quite remarkable for the time of year.

I think this is the first time since being here in 9 years that we have not had snow in October, or September or August or July for that matter.

It is quite surreal knowing that I can do work in the yard in a t shirt when, at any time, the high pressure can give way to the cold arctic air and winter will be here for 6 months.

This year the fall colours have been unbelievably bright, quite the comparison to previous years and I wonder if the June floods followed by hot sunny weather had a part in this.

[attachment=189117:front yard.jpg]

The house is prepared, the yards are all done, the bbq covered, the patio furniture put away and now its the wait - a bit like the US Golf states waiting for a hurricane, enjoying the calm knowing what is just around the corner.

For now I am embracing the warmth and will update y'all once the first snows of the season arrive.




Homelessness, Hopelessness?

For years to come I'll remember those days,
Days into nights into days, just a haze,
When food was scarce, conversation less,
And sympathetic glances with whispers of 'bless'.

Dissaproving looks, murmurs and tutts,
Having to smoke discarded butts,
When all I wanted was a chat and a smile,
And all I received was behaviour so vile.

If only they knew the heartache and pain,
The desperation deep down, the pain, the drain,
Of fighting each day and making it through,
And willing to gain a break from the blue.

No family, no children, nobody to love,
Monotonous scenes when push comes to shove,
How did it happen? The decline, the fall?
The only way out? To finish it all?

For years to come I'll remember those days,
The days and nights are still just a haze,
But now somewhere happy that I do reside,
So how did I get here? That's for you to decide....





Summer fades upon us all
Leaves turn brown, it's soon the Fall
The leaves are changing, and for that reason
That is why we love the Seasons

The Autumn colours rage so bold
But foggy days lead to the cold
With every day we lose the leaves
And feel the chill in every breeze

Cold days lead to frosty paths
Warm houses with hotter baths
Runny noses, coughs and sneezes
All brought on by winter's breezes

Fireplaces, rosy faces
snow is falling in all places
roads are gridlocked, cars are sliding
The animals outside are hiding

But soon enough the bulbs appear
The snow long gone and warmth is here
Spring flowers begin to bloom
The hazy sunlight fills the room

And before not long the summer's back
The sweltering heat, the pavements crack
Deep blue skies and lazy days
The cold of winter just a daze

So if you miss that summer haze
Where water fights were all the craze
Just wait a while and for that reason
That is why we love the Seasons





Winter And Summer In The Same Week

As Fall approaches so do the thoughts of yellow and red leaves, pumpkins and Thanksgiving. Along with the festivites in October is usually the appearance of the first snows of the year, children running out open eyed forgetting they had 6 months of it last year.

This year is a little different. An abysmal start to the Spring/Summer season with snow up until early June but all that changed with the arrival of July. Since July 7th temps have averaged over 25oC with only a handful of days falling below the magical 20oC

So as we focus on the colder weather it wasn't too much of a surprise to wake up earlier this week with some wet snow falling and the first fresh covering of snow on the mountains. Although a few grumbles escaped my mouth I knew it was coming and couldn;t really complain after the amazing summer we have had.

What is suprising now though is that all thoughts of winter are truly put to the background as the winds shift and the clouds depart, warmth is creeping into the days and continuing to do so. Forecasts are for as high as 26oC by the weekend, with endless blue skies for the next week or so.

So images of pumpkins, turkeys and sledges will temporarily be replaced by bbq's and late summer hikes just for a while longer. In a place where 6 months of winter is not unusual, I am sure the whole town will be out making the most of this unseasonally warm and sunny weather




Screenplay - Update

So after sending out numerous request letters and synopsis' to production companies, I have had a request for the screenplay to be sent to one in Canada. Its exciting news, and of course it is extremely early days, but for a Production Company to even request a screenplay to read is rare, so I am extremely happy

I will keep you all posted




Memoirs Of An Ordinary Man - The Early Years (chapter 1)

It sfunny how you remember the little things...

I remember snapshots of my early years as if it were a slide show at a wedding or a flip book of blurry, black and white pictures. But one thing that stands out head and shoulders above everything is the feeling of happiness through out those childhood years. I grew up in a cul de sac full of children in the old days when kids were kids, we rode our bikes, we played tag. When Wimbledon was on we would all play tennis, when the FA Cup was on we were all budding Waddles or Hoddles (now you can really tell my age)

We used to play out til the sun went down, go into the woods and the streams to catch frogs and build tree houses. No computers, no games consules. Just regular interaction with other children, living an innocent existance.

My Dad worked hard, too hard. I have very little memory of him until I am much older, but my Mum was a stay at home mum, like most back in the 80's. We didnt have any money and lived on a council estate, but it was the best place I could have grown up and I wouldnt change it for the world.

Its funny how you remember the little things though...things that should be insignificant in life but remain with you for life.

When I was about 5 I had a red BMX, I think my dad found it at the tip so he brought it home for me. I loved it and rode on it for hours. However someone down the street got a new bike and started teasing me about my used and battered BMX (even though it was the best bike in the world that did the longest jumps and the ebst wheelies).

This obviously affected me as I remember one sunny day in summer we were playing in the front yard, the garage door was open and we had a tatty old dart board up. One moment I was going for bullseye, the next I was throwing darts at the tyres of my beloved bike. With great accurancy for one so young I managed to pop both tyres adn the tears welled up. I knew exactly what I had done...my plan....Simon the nasty boy from number 22 had come by and played darts and popped my tires. The truth - I wanted a new bike.....

I cried so hard, in retrospect of guilt I guess, but that weekend I awoke to a shiny new yellow Chopper. My Dad, who was never home because he worked the life of 2 men just to provide for us, had somehow gotten a new bike. Money that could have been spent on them, something they needed perhaps or even just shopping for the week. All because of my childish plan

Its funny how you remember the little things....




Memoirs Of An Ordinary Man - The Early Years (chapter 6)

Watch out for the......

As the event of the fractured jaw was begining to fade, along with the bruises, winter had started to take its icy grip on the south east of England. It was the late 80's and another birthday party approached. I awoke Saturday morning full of anticipation of the forthcoming day, the cake, the games, the prizes, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted something unusual. I glided over to the curtains and delicately prized them open only to discover the inside of the window beyond was frozen.

The sky was a dull grey and the bare trees hardly moved in the still winter air. Tiny snowdrops tip toed their wayl to the ground followed by a rush of a cold east wind, indicating something far more ferocious to come. Within the hour the houses across the road blurred into insignificance as a blizzard raged around us, the swirling of the snow that continued to settle at an alarming rate, 1 inch an hour, 2 inches an hour, 3..... By the afternoon close to a foot of snow and the phone call that I had been expecting....'Its cancelled'

With no party to go to, and with a lull in the snowstorm, my Brother and I decided to brave the elements and delicately navigate our way to the local playing field. Our mission: to build the biggest snowman. As we emerged onto the frozen tundra of our street, snow infiltrating the tops of our boots we made our way there. Just as we were out on the street and following the footsteps left behind by previous explorers, we noticed a young girl that had taken a shine to my older brother. So smitten was she that she just kept looking at him as she walked, as she walked just 10 feet away from a lamp post, just 5 feet away, just 2 feet away...

'Watch out for the.......' Wham..she turns round just as she walks face first into the lamp post....'lamp post' our voices echo off in the winters breeze. She is knocked cleanly backwards into the snow, without a sound. We fear the worst as we approach ever closer, but to our relief she is more embarassed than hurt and we help her to feet and dust down her snow covered jacket. A smile emerges from the girl, accompanied by an even bigger one from my brother. I look on as if a spectator at a tennis match, glancing from one face to another. Nothing but silence from their mouths, anything but silence from their looks.

So I bury my hands deep into my pocket as the snow begins to fall again and mutter that I will be building the snowman myself and you know where to find me. They never did find me that cold and snowy day, Somewhere in a house encased with icicles, I think they found each other




Memoirs Of An Ordinary Man - The Early Years (chapter 5)

Finally...I didn't need a straw anymore

Memories come and go like friends throughout life. Some shine brighter than others and last a lot longer. Some of my most visual and long lasting memories of childhood are from the playground. Bonds are formed, relationships blossom. Its the one place where regiment goes out of the classrom window and you are free, free to spread your wings and establish yourself.

Always under a watchful eye of a 40 something overweight Hitler, my Primary School playground life was one of excitement. We had 2 playgrounds, the upper one for years 3 to 4, and the lower one for years 1-2. And a huge field for those oh so rare summer days where we could meander along the boundary line, darting in between the silver Birch trees, feeling as if you were a million miles away from anything that mattered everytime you lost sight of the school.

As if a scene from an American High School movie, you had your groups even at ages 7 through to 11. The guys playing football, the girls playing Hop Scotch, the nerds reading on the benches laughing at jokes about cumulus clouds. Then there is the sad, but thankfully rare, sporadic misfit, looking in from the outside with hope and desire in their eyes, that for some reason lacked the inter personal skills to get along with others.

As my age approached the dizzy heights of double digits, my most memorable playground event happened on a wet Autumnal day, I can still smell the mulched down leaf aroma in the air. I was running, playing tag, and as I went to turn to escape the tap of the 'attacker' I felt my foot start to slide, like a car trying to stop on ice. As the trees start to blur the black, wet, leaf covered playground starts to get closer and closer. Within seconds my face is well and truly firmly pressed against the gravely playground and I am still sliding, except this time not on my feet but on my face. As the gravel and grit embed themselves in my cheek and layers of skin are removed, and after what seems an eternity, yet in reality is a few seconds, I come to a stop.

It was lunchtime and the afternoon had been reserved for Harvest Festival activities, except my afternoon was reserved for the Hospital....the details of this are much more sketchy than the accident itself and the next few horus go by in a blur. However my conciousness snaps back as soon as the Doctor is playing with my cheek...after some flash of lights, a lady wearing a mask and immense pain and some muttering from the doctor I remember the words 'Fractured Jaw'.

The next few days were a routine of dressing the wound, immense pain, and eating blended food through a straw. However before long I was able to move my jaw and real food once again became the order of the day. Finally I didn't need a straw anymore and life began to get back to normal, well almost normal. I still to this day cannot open and shut my mouth in a straight line. The jaw locks and clicks out of place but it doesnt stop me boring people with my incessant chit chat...somethings never change




Memoirs Of An Ordinary Man - The Early Years (chapter 3)

You taught your son well Mrs Cooper...

Spinnens Acre...for anyone who lived in Lordswood in the 80's there were a only a handfull of primary schools to choose from, I followed my 'little shit' of a brother in to Spinnens Acre, thinking that i might make some friends because of him. I realised quickly that you make your own friends, you cant rely on anyone else, espeically an older brother

My daily school rotine would always begin with a 20 minute walk from my house to the school, through the park with the ancient Oak trees and countless back alleys that, given a day to roam freely, I could have easily got lost in my imagination...a budding Indiana Jones running through the alleys of doom.

I was always accompanied by my Mum, and for me the precious few moments we shared each morning meant the world to me. My mum was a childminder all my life so I shared her with many many children. This however was our time.

Now one day, I remember it so so well. We were walking through the park on the approach to the shops, just by the school. There was an eerie fog in the air, that flirted with the tops of the trees but no lower. It meant that your vision in front was perfect but the park looked like it was encased in cotton wool around the tips of the trees. Leaves were periodically falling from the skies, floating aimlessly to Earth.

The beginning of term, the arrival of Autumn, a new season, a new chapter in my life. It was about a month into my 2nd year at Primary schoool and this year my mum was letting loose on the virtual rains she held over me. Instead of walking me to the gates of the school, she would wave me off from the car park at the rear of the shops, and I would make the 2 minutes journey from there on my own, often meeting with other entusiastic school walkers along the way.

This one day I was crossing the road and saying good bye to my Mum and I had to wait for this amazing car. It was a TVR and in Lordswood in the 80's you didnt see too many sports cars. As I turn and make the last wave my mum is just backing away to the park, soon to be gone and back to her daily routine of greeting, feeding and playing with the numerous children she looked after. However, I was very much living in the moment of my life as the TVR pulls up beside me and stops

'Can you get in the car and show me the way to the Bank' says a man after his darkened window retreats through the door

'Did I just hear right' my mind says...'what does this mean...my mum told me never to speak to strangers....but the bank is just there, its just there. Do I talk to him, do I run?'

My instinct that fateful day, as the fog swirled around the tree tops, was to ignore him. I was only 7 and when someone talks to you, you should talk back, but its a stranger....

So as my mind tried to ingest the coutless decisions to make, I finally decided to say 'I dont know' and walk off, not even aware of the effects it would have on the days proceedings.

I told a teacher when I got to school in an off the cuff remark and the next thing I remember is sitting on the sofa that night with my mum, and a man and woman from the police. They both kept their hats on throug out, why would they keep there hats on? it seems so formal.

I told them my story and I wondered why people were taking such an interest in it. I never heard anything after that. I was back to playing football with my friends, getting muddy and being the next England Captain. I guess my parents shielded me from any after effects or news. All I do remember is the police lady saying to my mum in the other room, just as she was leaving...

'You taught your son well Mrs Cooper..."




Memoirs Of An Ordinary Man - The Early Years (chapter 4)

Oh I was in the locker room...

By now it was the mid 80's and the summer was in full swing. As my 9th birthday edged ever closer I was invited to someone elses party. Except this party was no ordinary celebration...it was a dicso ice skating party!

From my humble upbringing I had never been to a ice rink. The closest I had come was to put my size 3 plimsols into the metal skates (the ones where you keep your shoes on) and then attempt to traverse the rocky, weed infested driveway without breaking your ankles, safe in the knowledge that if I went too fast and couldnt stop, I always had the garage door to stop me. I think in today's safety conscious society, those would be banned in a second.

So one hot and sticky Saturday afternoon I pile into a my friend James' car and we are off, as his Dad drives us ever closer, we chat excitedly about how we are going to be the fastest skaters and the coolest kids. Our main mission? To impress the copious amounts of girls we knew were going. The hopeful outcome? A quick peck in the locker rooms where nothing else matters for those precious few seconds

So the time comes...I am laced up and ready to get my disco funk on (yes I thought I had funk at 8 3/4). I take a tentative step onto the ice rink. My mind filled with the moves that will wow the crowd and have them talking for years. Just as I put my first skate down I realise I am spinning in front of the girls, spinning aimlessly to a humiliating tumble at the feet of those I was so desperately trying to impress.

As my embarrasment subsides and pain takes over, the adrenalin finally wearing off, my ankle is throbbing incesantly, but suddenly I feel a touch on the shoulder. I dare not look. Is it a group of children laughing uncontrollably at me? A sympathetic steward attempting to hide my mishap by picking me up? No, it was Linzi, a girl who lived a few streets away. With a warm smile and her huge brown eyes locking with mine, she bent down and gently brought me to my feet.

'I did exactly the same thing the first time I came here' said Linzi in her dainty voice, that matched her dainty frame. 'The trouble was my skates were too big so I changed them and I was fine' Linzi continued...'did you want to go to the Locker room and get them changed?'

So with that we both went to get my skates changed, as we sat down and she laced up my boots we didnt say a word, we didnt need to. In those precious few moments, words couldnt express the feelings, feelings never before experienced. Something new and exciting. I felt sick. Butterlies is how it later became known to me.

The laces were tied and she sat down next to me, she looked at me and said 'Come on then, lets see what you can do now' and with that she pecked me on my cheek, grabbed my protected, mitt covered hand and ran off to the skating rink.

As I approached the rink I saw my friend James, standing on his own, his eyes wide in amazement that I was holding a girls hand. He shouted after me as I glided onto the ice 'Where have you been?'. I shouted back behind me with a gleeful expression and a wink of the eye....'Oh, I was in the locker room'....




Memoirs Of An Ordinary Man - The Early Years (chapter 2)

I love my bro, but he was also a little shit....

My parents were 23 (Mum) and 28 (Dad) when they upped and left the baron wastelands of Ipswich, Suffolk to come to the rolling hills of Lordwoods, Kent back in the long hot summer of 1976. My mum was 8 1/2 months pregant with me and she made the 1 1/2 hour journey down on an old 125cc motorbike (no wonder I got some damage) - my brother got a lift in my Grand dad's Hillman Imp, loaded with essentials for the move.

As a result of this migration so far away (it seemed it when I was growing up) we used to have the treat a few times a year of going to see my aunts and uncles and my cousins for the weekend. Now for me this was a trip of a lifetime, going through the countryside of east anglia, spotting unicorns and lepricorns in the fields as we wooshed past on the almost empty Motorways (oh how things have changed)...spotting familiar landmarks that meant we were 20 minutes away....10 minutes away....over the bridge and spotting my Aunties house...just 5 minutes now til we seem them...will they think I'm different, will they think I've grown up...the excitement was intense

The weekend would always pass in a blur, playing football out in the street til our mums called us in for tea, our weary legs hardly able to carry us home. Playing on the school field on a Saturday and then hiding in the grass when the groundsman came round, laughing as we ran from him, tears streaming down of faces

But coming home, was always the sad part. Knowing that you would be lucky if you saw them again that year (each day feels like a year when you are a kid). So my parents used to load up the car with fruit snacks and drinks and me and my brother used to play I spy and the like.

Now one particular journey I only remember being about 10 minutes from home and the over whelming urge to pee. My dad was strict...he should have been in the army, so it was no stopping til we got home...'you can hold it son..be a man'

so there i was ...7 minutes to go, 6 minutes to go, 5 minutes to go....there's the corner to my street...ah a few more seconds and I have made it. The car stops and I jump out of the car I run up the path to the front door, my parents open the door and I attempt to run in. I say attemp becuase as my parents unload the car my brother is at the door holding me back and tickling me. For a split second I was laughing, but laughter turned to tears as the reality hit. There wasnt enough time. Oh how my brother laughed and as I let out a cry of embarrasment mixed with relief, my parents turned round just in time to see just me, a sorry little sight on the front doorstep, my brohter already in the house, a supposed innocent party in all of this.

I try to keep these incidents on the down low when at familiy reunions but you know what brothers can be like, so at my cousins reception party after a wedding he decides to tell the story. My parents face was a picture...they actaully remembered the event and didnt realise it was his fault. So my mum gave my brother a clip round the ear in front of everyone (this was only a few years ago) and I laughed until I almost peed myself again. I just turned round to my brother and said:

'I do love you bro, but you did used to be a little shit!'




I'm Tight, But Proud

Ok so I think I am a bit of a tight arse, but I am a banker, what do you expect?

I booked my 3 weeks off at Christmas to come back to the UK and visit family with my employer way back when. The only thing is I hadnt booked the flights. My theory? Gas prices will come down in the Autumn and so will flight prices. Well by early October it was still costing almost $4000 for 2 return flights.

Anyway October comes and I realise that the flights I wanted to go on had been taken (really I should have realised everntually someone would pay that money) so I was gutted beyond belief. I was frantic worrying what to do when I checked it the next day and they had added flights...at half the price they were!!!!

So I ended up getting 2 return flights and 3 weeks car hire for $2200 (about 1000 quid)!!! result.

Moral of the story? not sure, I think if your a lucky git, your a lucky git but it paid off for me to wait, next time I prob wont be so lucky and willhave to swim




Screen Play

After 8 months of plot planning, character building and months and months of script writing, my business partner and I finally have a finished draft for a screen play. Now all we got to do is be part of the 0.1% of people who manage to either sell it to the movie moguls, or (even less probablilty) help with the filming/directing. Lets hope the agent does a good job. I will keep you posted

Those of you who dont me, I'm a banker by day, boring I know but it keeps the money coming in. At night I am anything from budding thespian to entrepeneur. I cant switch my mind off, I wish I could




Its almost time.....

...to enjoy some piece and quiet. Finally, after 924 hours and a few minutes (thats about 5 1/2 weeks) all my visitors for the summer will be gone. September 2oth is D day...peace and quiet for 3 months until Xmas.... woo hoo

Does anyone else feel the same when relatives come and go? they must do. But whats more, the in-laws were actually less hassle than my parents. I swear to god if my Mum asks another meaningless, random question about Canada I'll....'do black and brown bears mate with each other?'......'Do they hibernate at the same time?'.....'I wonder if the roads crack more than in the UK because of the cold?' ...'Don't you just love the names of the headache pills in Canada, they are so much better than ours back home !!!! I could keep going, really I could (and breathe).

So finally this weekend I will run around the house naked, shouting profanities (sp?) and doing stuff in every room that I couldnt before hand. Why? Because I can!!!!! woo hooo




Still sick!

Cant believe it. Had a viral infection as the doc says for 9 days now, slowly getting to the healthier side, however the 10km race I had been training for the past 3 months came and went yesterday and I coulnt race due to the illness (doc's orders). I am bitterly disappointed, especially as the time of the finishers this year would have placed me in the top 10, Ah well, there is always next year :-(




Alone...and sick

So I finally drop the in-laws off after 2 1/2 weeks, ah bliss. What happens the next day? we get 3 inches of snow (IN AUGUST!!) and I get man flu, ah I tell you, I am close to the edge, its bad this time lol. My better half doesnt mind though, my voice has nearly given up so she is enjoying the peace and quiet lol. My parents arrive tomorrow (Thursday) for the 2nd round of visitors. Another 2 1/2 weeks of entertaining then that is it til xmas, woo hoo. Right I'm off to bed to die a slow and painful death, cough cough, splutter splutter




Worst customer service

I still have the in-laws in town so we decided to go grab some food at a local pub last night. Bad mistake. We arrived at 6:45 and our food finally came at 8:15! I wouldnt have minded if the food was good and that was it but oh no. Two of us order steak med. It came out without a hint of pink and virtually charcoaled, so we sent it back. The waitress comes back about 5 minutes later and says the chef wont do another steak and that is how he is cooking medium tonight!! can you believe that? I have never experienced that in my life. I told the waitress 'i know this is not your fault but tell the chef to stick his steak up his arse as we are not paying'. Anyway the head waitress comes over after a bit and apologizes. They offer 50% all the other food and drink, so all is not lost. I ended up having a big mac.




In-laws are in town

So we are 5 dys into the in-laws visit and all is OK, nothing too serious. Just missing my space and control, but hey ho.

Went touring at the weekend, managed to see 3 bears, almost run one over on the highway but I swerved and it ran back into the woods

Went out on Moraine lake, lovely hot day (its been above 30oC for almost a week now) and suddenly a huge thunderstorm develops, we make it to shore. Lightning, thunder, hailstones. Crazy

Then we went for a dip in the lake and the potential dad in law comes out with a bloody great big leech on his leg, he knocks it off and the blood starts pouring lol. Should have seen his face

At work now taking a breather. All good fun, only 12 days to go





Summer has arrived, and more importantly the bugs are disappearing. Went golfing last night loaded with bug spray and there were hardly any mosquitos. Thankfully it appears the season is over and we can enjoy summer without a thick layer of slime

Picking up the in-laws today from the airport, they are here for 2 1/2 weeks, then they are gone for 3 days and then I have my parents staying for 2 1/2 weeks. So 5 weeks of visitors and only 3 days off. I might be posting a few blogs with a lot of swear words. Wish me luck

Updates to come of how I am coping and what we are doing. In the meantime I have 3 1/2 days off to enjoy the summer sunshine...result




Moth Madness

I opened my front today and there musthave been about 200 hundred moths lying all over the front deck. I walk to wokr and the moths are everywhere on the ground, on the roof. I will have to get a pic and post it. As I am walking they are trying to get up my trouser legs. Very strange experience.




Strange Encounter

So I was in an elevator in my downtown place and I happen to bump into my neighbour (woman). Her and her boyfriend are renters in the unit and their landlord is selling the same as me so I thought I would catch up on the competition. I asked her if they had sold yet and she replied... 'I dont know, I moved out', to which I reply 'Oh' not knowing exactly what it meant. There was a silence of about 4 seconds and then she lets out a really loud sob, starts crying and just looks at me, I turn round and she puts on her sunglasses, presses the next floor and jumps out. Strangest encounter I have had in an elevator since Mary Tidlund, a mature but good looking, touched my leg and asked if I wanted to leave work early one sunny spring day in March of '95. It was tempting but I couldnt get past the fact she has a mole on her nose, off putting I thought, so I carried on to my desk and day dreamed for the rest of the day (minus mole of course)





Well I lost my virginity this week....my massage virginity that is. I am training for a 10km run and decided to get a sports massage for my tired and weary muscles (thats my excuse, nothing to do with the hot masseuse)

Wow, thats all I can say. I cant believe I never got one earlier. How amazing does it feel to have someone massage you all over. Not to mention the medical benefits, honestly that was the main reason

Anyway back to the training. My 10km time is around the 45 min mark, so improving all the time. Race is September 7th. Only 5 weeks to go.

Right, where's that number for the mssage parlour....