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Latest Weather News: A Topsy-Turvy Weekend of Weather
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Will it....?

Will it....?

The Will It...? forecasts here on Netweather, do exactly what they say on the tin, giving you an at a glance 5 day forecast for rain, snow, cold, heat, wind and frost - follow the links below to visit the individual forecasts.
Will It Rain?
Will it rain? Will It Rain? Local rain risk and rain totals forecasts.
Will It Thunder?
Will it thunder? Will It Thunder? Find out the risk of thunderstorms in your part of the country.
Will It Snow?
Will it snow? Will it snow in your area?
Will It Be Hot?
Will it be hot? Spring has arrived, will it be hot?
Will It Be Windy?
Will it be windy? Five day wind strength forecast.
Will It Be Frosty?
Will it be frosty? Frosts are still possible at this time of year.
Will It Be Cold?
Will It Be Cold? Will it be cold in your part of the Britain during the next five days?
Forecaster Blogs
Forecaster Blogs Blogs and forecasts from the Netweather forecasting team, including senior forecasters Jo Farrow and Nick Finnis.
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Long Range
Wondering what the longer term trends are? Check the monthly, seasonal and even longer range forecasts.
Sports & Events
We offer a huge range of sport and event forecasts including football grounds, cricket, festivals, motor-racing and more..
Netweather Extra

Netweather Extra

If you're looking for even more detail, and a greater range of forecasts take a look at Netweather Extra our subscription service which takes weather forecasts and info to the next level - making sure you're always totlly up to date.

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