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Really Minging Monday

Really Minging Monday
The low pressure system known as Child Of Nadine has really started to wind up overnight and will continue to do so through today with heavy rain, flooding and increasingly strong winds to come.

Starting with the rain, a good deal of England, Wales and Northern Ireland has started the day with rain falling. Some heavy - especuially so through parts of Wales and Central England but with the rain spreading north and east through the day much of the country will see at least 25-40mm over the next 24 hours.

Wettest regions - including Wales, a good chunk of Northern and Central England, Eastern Scotland and Northern Ireland could well see 50-80mm - with some parts wetter still, particularly over higher ground. For the very latest rainfall situation please keep an eye on the live rainfall radar.

Winds will also strengthen through the day - initially it's southern coastal counties which are likely to feel this - particularly southeastern regions where gusts of 50-70mph are possible, perhaps a touch higher in exposed spots.

It's then the turn of eastern counties in northern England to see gusts of 50-65mph, before that threat transfers north into Scotland later in the day and overnight where exposed spots could well see gusts of 75mph+.

Into tomorrow, winds lighten from the east but western regions, from Scotland through Ireland and down other Irish Sea coasts are likely to still see gusty winds with 50-60mph+ likely. The rain is still with us tomorrow with persistent rain likely to continue through parts of northern Scotland, Wales and Northern England, along with heavy showers in other regions.

Further ahead, with the low pressure system slowing sinking back down the western side of the UK, it's England and Wales which are likely to see the wettest, windiest weather into midweek..

Please take care if you need to travel in the coming days, disruption is likely and conditions on the roads will be difficult, so stay tuned to the latest weather forecasts and travel info before heading out.

Flooding Information
At the time of issuing this article, the Environment Agency has 70 Flood Alerts and 15 Flood Warnings issued with more very likely during today. Please check the links below if you're at all concerned about flooding in your locality:
Environment Agency - England and Wales
SEPA - Scotland
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Published on 24th September 2012 10:38
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