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Long range weather forecast

This long range forecast for the UK is updated once a month. Using the latest long range data from the NCEP and then run through custom software here at Netweather it is on the cutting edge of technology for long range weather forecasting. It is important to bear in mind that forecasting at this range is still in its infancy so can effectively be considered experimental.

The full Winter forecast will be issued in November. For the latest discussions around the upcoming winter, head over to the winter thread on the Netweather community.

Autumn into Winter 2015

Updated October 6th 2015
Winter is on the horizon, and this forecast looks ahead to the final month of Autumn, and then start of the Winter of 2015. A caveat from the start though - confidence for the start of Winter is very low at this point in time..

For a forecast for the next 4 weeks, please take a look at the monthly forecast.

An interesting looking set of pressure anomalies are showing for November currently, with higher than average pressure to the north and northeast of the UK, and lower than average pressure down to the southwest of the UK. This all adds together to suggest a slightly colder than average month is possible across the southern half of the country, but becoming slightly milder than average, or close to the seasonal norm further north. A close to, or drier than average month is expected - but this aspect of the forecast is relatively low confidence.

November Air Pressure
November Air Pressure
November Rainfall Long range weather forecast
November Temperature
November Temperature

Winter -- December
As mentioned above, confidence is very low for December, so this forecast is subject to potentially significant change - remember too that the full winter forecast will be issued in November. At this moment though, the current expectation is for a wetter than average month, with temperatures milder than, or close to the average.

December Air Pressure
December Air Pressure
December Rainfall December Rainfall
December Temperature
December Temperature

Next long range update will be the winter forecast during November

Subscribers to Netweather Extra can access daily and weekly detailed long range forecast updates and charts.

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The long range weather forecast displayed on this page is based on data from the Climate Forecast System from the NCEP (USA), run out to 9 months in advance and are updated once a month. The raw data is sent daily to Netweather, our systems then average and further process that data to produce the forecast you see below. The average figures you see on the forecast are not the standard 1971 to 2000 figures you may often see, instead they are rolling averages, currently from the period 1981-2010.

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